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Friday, April 8, 2011

Drum Corps

I've been a fan of Drum Corps International since I found out about it in high school. I played in the marching and concert bands. My father was a trumpet player and is now a music educator. All of my immediate and most of my extended family are or were legitimately involved in music in some way. I've wanted to write a "Rudy" style screenplay using the backdrop of drum corps for a while and after over a year of thinking about it I've finally started. I've just got the opening scene. No real story. But I have started. I'm planning right now and writing whatever comes to mind. This video was the one that pushed me to do it. It will be the first piece of footage that is shown in the film if it's done the way I write it. We'll have opening credits in silence (white words on black screen), this clip, and then the titles in white over a black screen in silence. Then the movie will begin.

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