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Monday, January 31, 2011

The King's Speech

I just returned from watching The King's Speech at our local movie theatre. The film was moving and regal -- tastefully scored and shot. I'll admit that I thought I was going to be bored but that was far from the case. The story revolves around the Duke of York, King George V's son, and his struggles to overcome a speech impediment. As his position requires him to make increasingly more public speeches and appearances, and to take a larger role as a public representative of the English people, "Bertie" as the Duke is called by his family, finds it more and more imperative to correct this problem. Seeking the help of an unorthodox and unofficial speech therapist, Louge, Bertie discovers not only friendship, but inner strength. The thing that makes this movie and its characters interesting are that the film is not just about some guy with speech problems learning how to speak again. No one would want to watch that. It's about a man who is crippled by fear, fear of how great he may be, fear of failure and inadequacy. It's also about the people who surround him and their journey to aid him in overcoming this fear. I highly recommend this film to anyone who has ever struggled with feelings of worthlessness or doubt, which would be pretty much everyone I know. The film forces it's viewers to look into themselves and find that part of them that can identify with Bertie. We love him all the more, not because of his disability, but because he is like us. Go see this movie. A+++

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