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Thursday, December 9, 2010


At 4:09 AM a small portion of my conscious self is saying, "You should be asleep right now". The problem is that after what I just saw I can't. Restrepo, is the best documentation of the life and emotional struggles of the American soldier during deployment ever. There is no better capture of this experience in existence today. I cried while watching this film... twice. I'm shaking right now. I honestly can't even write a very good review at the moment but I must emplore you to watch this film if you want to be able to better empathize with our veterans and active duty soldiers. I hate war. I love these people. I don't agree with what they do, but I do respect them and totally understand why and how they do it now. As a peace activist, I think that it's mandatory that I not vilify soldiers. Watching this film has ensured that this will never happen - ever. It has hardened my resolve to try to make sure that as few people go through what the soldiers of Outpost Restrepo had to as humanly possible. Maybe with a little divine intervention, one day, no one will have to experience it. Until then, my work has just begun. Watch this film. It is in a word, unforgettable. Ladies and gentlemen - Restrepo

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