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Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Unknown" starring Liam Neeson

After having seen Taken I've been waiting for another action film starring Liam Neeson as the lead for a while now. It looks like those prayers have been answered as I've stumbled upon information and a trailer for a film currently in production and slated to be released in 2011 (IMDB). Taken was the extremely successful action tale of a former spy who is forced to use his skills to recover his teenage daughter from foreign sex traffickers. The film's success isn't a matter of opinion as it grossed 145,000,959 USD at the box office (IMDB), and I left the theatre very satisfied. However I couldn't help being annoyed by the fact that there was only just enough plot to drive the action, and what was there wasn't very complex. There was nothing to figure out after the first 40 minutes of the movie and from that point forward you were mainly kept in your seat by the awesomeness of the car chases and fight scenes. It was a GREAT action flick but I like all of my thrillers with a little more cerebral exercise in them. Enter (hopefully) Unknown:

The IMDB summary makes the film sound simple enough but after watching that preview I can't help but think that it's at least a little more dynamic in plot than what we've been led to believe:

     "A man awakens from a coma, only to discover that someone has taken on his identity and that no one, (not even his wife), believes him. With the help of a young woman, he sets out to prove who he is."

Who is this young woman? Who are the thieves responsible for taking "Dr. Harris'" identity? And as the man in the thick glasses said, WHY would they want to replace a university doctor of all people? Another interesting point to make is that there are more people than Neeson's character alone who have a stake in his success or failure in recovering his stolen identity. 

Dr. Harris (Neeson): "I don't know who this man is, but you have to arrest him or many people will die."

I've searched through the trailer for clues about the plot and anything else I could pick up. Apparently the story occurs during the winter in Berlin, Germany. If you pause the trailer at just the right point you can see that the date stamped on the passport is "Nov. 20 2011". Could be that the script supervisor did a really good job in making sure there were no goof ups or could be a clue as to when the film will be released. Judging from the accent of Dr. Harris' wife they are an American couple. This is further backed up by the fact that the passport shown in the trailer is a US one. The next item of interest is the name tag that the "new" Dr. Martin Harris is wearing at the reception. It reads: "Dr. Martin Harris, Langemore University, BIOTECH Global Summit". One could assume that Dr. Harris does some sort of biomedical research and was visiting Germany for an important meeting or summit concerning that research. The taxi labeled "224 422" on the side door seems important as it is seen twice in the trailer, once during the day, and once getting rammed by a truck at night. When you see this taxi start paying attention. In the journal that appears there are a series of numbers that can easily be read if you pause at the right time. On the opposite page you can see dates and parts of some entries into the journal. The dates are Nov. 25, 2011, and November 26, 2011. Don't know what that means but it's there. That's all I could really pick up. At any rate this movie looks interesting and I'll be keeping close tabs on its progress and any new developments. With a Goya Award nominated cinematographer (Flavio Martínez Labiano)and tenured action/horror film composer (John Ottman) the film holds exciting potential. As far as the direction, well... it's the same guy who directed Orphan and House of Wax (Jaume Collet-Serraboth of which sucked (in my opinion). We can only wait and pray. The good news is that besides the fact that he's been nominated for a Goya Award, the cinematographer has already worked with the director on one other film that I know of (Goal II: Living the Dream), which bodes well for the consistency of the look of the film.

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