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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CRITIQUE MY 5 PAGE SHORT!/Hands-On Review of the Sony NEX-VG10

I am so looking forward to using this camera. That is, er, if it doesn't cost too much. The review was helpful but I'll have to wait and see more detailed reviews and videos before deciding whether to pony up for this or for the Canon EOS 550D (T2i).

Hands-On Review of the Sony NEX-VG10

In the meantime I'll be writing more stories/screenplays in addition to the one I just got done with. "Life Support" is a 5 page short that I'm submitting to the Whitestone Motion Pictures writing protege program. Hope I get in. You can read it here: "Life Support" by Adam R. Barnett and after reading if you would PLEASE leave comments directly on this blog post itself. I need constructive criticism not pats on the back or high fives. I mean you can give me those but tell me why. Don't just say: "That was AWESOME!" and then leave... that doesn't help me any. Sorry. Back to camera reviews, here's another one that I'm excited about. Smaller than a DSLR, cheaper than a DSLR, no mirrors, interchangeable lens capabilities, and hopefully great exposure control in video mode. We'll see. For now all there is is this review:

Samsung NX100 Hands On Video/Review

FYI this camera is going to be released in October and has a projected start price of just $599!!

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