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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Super 8 Updates

As you'd know if you read my second to last post, I'm a fan of Cloverfield. How big of a fan might be less clear so let me clarify. I'm a really big fan of Cloverfield. I loved everything about that movie, even the acting (it may not have been the best but it was certainly authentic enough to sell the whole "found footage" concept for me. Plus, the movie was cheese anyway. Super gourmet cheese, but still cheese. What'd you expect?). Therefore when I heard rumors that JJ Abrams new movie "Super 8" may be connected to the Cloverfield concept, I jumped on the rumor train like everyone else. Since then I've found a pretty reliable blog here at our very own blog spot for info on the secrets of the Cloverfield series. These people are waiting to hear if and when the sequel or prequel is going to be made just as intently as I am. The name of the blog is "Cloverfield Clues" and can be reached by clicking the link I just embedded under it's name. They've recently released news that "Super 8" is in no way connected to Cloverfield. You can read that post here:
Super 8 NOT Connected To Cloverfield In Any Way.
Finally, in reading some comments I've found a few websites with info on Super 8 as it's release date draws nearer. Those websites are here:

(Official Website)

(Viral Website)

PS - I haven't figured out how to get into the viral website yet. There are a series of commands that you have to enter into what looks like some kind of boot up program before you can enter. Try and figure them out. The first few are easy. Y=yes, and N=no.

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