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Monday, August 2, 2010

JJ Abrams, Screenwriting, and Random Thoughts

I was browsing the web today looking for a picture to use as my new twitter background when I thought to myself,
"Hmmm, I should really take this twitter, blogger, facebook, youtube thing more seriously." Social media is now opening opportunities that people would have killed (yes, literally killed) for 20, even 15 years ago. It's no longer a tool for only the computer savvy techno geeks to swap code and hacking secrets. It's become a needle through which anyone can inject the virus that is personal aspiration and creativity into the bloodstream of the world's conscious. How successful each virus is depends on how well it's engineered and how, well for lack of a better term, virulent it is. Moving on with my ramblings, I had this thought and continued on my search, now with the intention of not only updating my twitter image, but of connecting all my internet outlets so as to string together one nasty super bug should I choose to use it (which I intend to... eventually). While searching for images of JJ Abrams on the set of Cloverfield to use as my background image, I stumbled across confirmed reports of an Abrams/Spielberg flick entering production this fall called "Super 8". Super 8 is a term used to refer to some of the first massively available equipment used to record moving images. In short one of the first home video cameras. The title was intriguing enough and the fact that my favorite storyteller of all time (Spielberg) was producing with one of my top three favorite storytellers of all time (Abrams) made it worth looking into. Agendas be damned, I was going off on this exploratory tangent. I read more about the film and managed to find a high quality trailer for it on youtube.

Within 15 minutes I went from being sort of excited to completely stoked. I loved Cloverfield and from everything I've read and seen this looks like it's in the same vein, possibly even a prequel, but I can't say for supre. I do know that the film was inspired by the 70's sci-fi flicks that Abrams dreamed of imitating when he grew up, much like myself. Veering back to my original mission (sort of) I continue looking for a background picture and settle on a poster for Super 8 instead of a candid shot of Abrams.
After updating my twitter account I linked it to my facebook, then linked my facebook to my vimeo, blog to facebook, etc. etc. I've now constructed a network for broadcasting my thoughts, inspirations, and creations to the world via: facebook, twitter, vimeo, youtube, scripped, and blogger. With all this done my main mission for tonight was complete. Into the present now I sit writing this latest entry to my blog, updating you on other happenings in my life. I recently began dating Anna Steadham of @annasteadham (twitter) and She's a Film minor/Journalism major at Georgia State University. Just thought that was noteworthy. Secondly I'm working on revising and expanding what started as a 30 page screenplay about alien abduction and government cover ups to a full length (roughly 100 page) screenplay. We'll see how that goes. I've got about 40 total pages so far. I'll post snippets of what I'm writing here and there. I'm also interning at Whitestone Motion Pictures and hoping to work on the set of their next shoot which will be "The Candyshop". We're shooting to win an Oscar nomination for best short film with this one so it's a pretty major deal. Other than that not much else is up. I'll try to keep things more cinema related in the future but I was up late and just needed to write. So here ya go ;). Peace and love until next time...

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