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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Carmike Cinemas, Whitestone Motion Pictures, and Hope For The Future.

August 7th, 12:45 AM. Chris Day and I are sitting in his apartment watching Kick Ass. I can't help reflecting on the day and blogging about it. The day was pretty lame until work started. I slept until it was time to go to work at three. Then I spent the rest of the day serving popcorn, candy, cokes, and slushies to customers who had no idea that they were talking to a slightly insane 21 year old screenwriter with bad sleeping habits, wavering self confidence, and aspirations of becoming the world's next greatest storyteller. It's days like this, days when I'm thinking about the odds that I usually slip into a mild depression, curbed only by anti-depressants and excessive amounts of sleep. But today, this day, I've got something uplifting to think about, a few things actually. Thing number one: I've got an amazing girlfriend. 'Nuff said. I know it's cliche but you'd appreciate it too if you'd been through the kind of sh*t that I have with women and with people in general. Thing number two: I've been asked to be a PA for Whitestone Motion Pictures next film, "The Candyshop". This is a pretty freaking big deal for me. I've wanted to be involved in the film industry for 11 years now, since I was ten. With Steven Spielberg as my idol, it's been my dream to share inspiring vision with the world for most of my youth and all of my adult life. The kid who spent hours watching director's commentaries and making of videos, the kid who's bookmarks consist of scripped, indymogul, cinematical, and imdb, is finally in a place where things may be looking up, where dreams might actually come true. Make no mistake, I'm in this for the love of it. I don't want to be famous, or to be rich. I just want to be really freaking good at what I do. If the other things come as a result of that fine. If not, fine. This it that "golden opportunity" that everyone talks about. Whitestone Motion Pictures is a place full of people who "get it". People who love making other people laugh, cry, cringe, create, imagine, and dream. That's where I want to be. "The Candyshop" is a film being created by Whitestone Motion Pictures and the brainchild of Brandom McCormick, president and director of the company. After learning that the city of Atlanta is the number one city in the United States for the sex trafficking of minors, Brandon was crushed. He was driven to the point of lobbying with other activists to bring awareness to the issue in our Congress. In the video below Brandon explains the story of the creation of the concept for "The Candyshop" and the Whitestone Motion Pictures credo:

The Candy Shop Documentary from Whitestone Protege Program on Vimeo.

Documentary about Whitestone's upcoming major short film initiative. The Candy Shop is a Fairytale/Parable about the child sex trafficking epidemic that has overrun our city of Atlanta.
We are using the film to raise awareness about this issue taking place in our own back yard.

Directed by Asher Emmanuel
Director of Photography: Travis Sawyer
Sound Operator: Matt Dunaway
Special Thanks:
Veronika Melnichuk
Jessica Sanchez
Joe Trimmer
Samuel Laubscher
Brandon McCormick

Brandon and everyone at Whitestone are truly visionaries and gifted artists. From the department heads to the interns they are a breed apart. I'm glad to say that I've been offered that chance to be a part of their world.

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