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Friday, February 19, 2010

Six Ways You Can Make the World a Better Place

An IRS office building may have burned yesterday, and the unemployment rate in America may lie at 10% (and rising) but the fact remains that we've got it made. When 20% of the worlds population owns 75% of it's wealth (Poverty Facts and Stats), the Earth is in crisis, and sweatshops become the main mode of manufacturing, something's gotta give. I say that something is us. Yeah, us. And by us I mean YOU reading this. You may not think that it applies to you but if you've got an apartment, a house, parents who care about you, a job, or access to medical care... you're filthy stinking rich. There is no in between. Either you're rich, or you're poor. Poor isn't struggling to make the rent. Poor is living off of 2.50 or less a day (which by the way is what about 50% of the world does [Poverty Facts and Stats]). If you're in debt but "middle class" you don't count. Why? You're probably in debt because of poor financial planning and living above your means. So, to me, you're still rich, just foolish. Anyways... as we move on hopefully I can solidify this rant into a more cohesive statement.


✝ 25,000 children die each day in conditions of poverty. Most of these kids are in small unheard of villages across the world, away from the media and out of the limelight, and therefore, out of our consciences.

✝ Less than 1 percent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000, yet it didn't happen.

When you purchase a shirt in Walmart, do you ever imagine young women in Bangladesh forced to work from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week, paid just 9 cents to 20 cents an hour, who are denied health care and maternity leave, and who are beaten and screamed at to work faster? Didn't think so.

✝ The arctic is rapidly thawing and may have its first ice free summer by the year 2040. See article here (had to cite this one since it's not really common knowledge.)

✠ The US trains Latin American troops at WHINSEC in torture and population control techniques then sends them back to their home countries, where they then use their knowledge to suppress free thought and social justice movements. Coca Cola hires WHINSEC graduates as guards and overseers to run the bottling companies that they've contracted out to. The same goes for Wal Mart and some of their clothing factories in Central and Latin America.


So how do we change this? Here are six ways:

1) STOP buying sweatshop clothing and other merchandise. If you can't afford to stop, at least be conscious about your decisions and buy less. Look at the labels on clothing and other items before you buy. If they read: Made in Bangladesh, China, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil, Jordan, etc., then they are probably items that were manufactured in sweatshops. Don't buy. Look elsewhere, even if that means paying a little bit more.

2)Modify your living patterns. Turn off the lights and computers when you're done. Don't use electricity excessively. Keep your thermostat on one comfortable setting and dress to compensate. Take shorter showers. Ride a bike. Catch a ride. PIMP your ride by buying a more fuel efficient vehicle.

3) Volunteer for charitable organizations or mission trips focused on eradicating poverty.

4) Start a recycling box for paper and plastics.

5) Spread the word. Nothing helps more than spreading the knowledge you've gained. Ignorance is the reason all of this is going on in the first place. Most people would change if they knew what they were doing.

6) Give a few dollars to the Peace Corps, Red Cross, World Race, or other organizations who operate in impoverished regions of the world.

By doing one or more of these six things you can make the world a much better place. Come on. Do it.

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